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I am an old rocketeer - I've been launching stuff since 1966 - and that doesn't include my lunch!
I began launching rockets back in the late 60's with them little Estes kits. That was big stuff for us kids, especially when it was an "unsupervised" adventure. We were amazed that they [the adults] were selling this stuff to us (Heh, heh). A group of us continued to launch those "toys" throughout the 80's when suddenly, in the 90's - we were enlightened to the fact that folks were launching Big Stuff! The big stuff was High Power Rocketry - and they DON'T sell this stuff to kids! These hawgs do sonic!


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On-board camera shots 1 One of these days Promise!! The Rube-Goldberg Device PML
On-board camera shots 2 More Coming ! NAR
The SR-71 RO
Tripoli Minnesota

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