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The popularity of pasta continues - this is a top quality reference and recipe guide. This book deals strictly with Italian presentations. See my Asian category for books that deal with noodle cookery. The California Culinary Academy series of cookbooks have several specialty volumes such as this (ie: Poultry, Soups & Stews, etc) and I highly recommend them. Of course you need a good reference and recipe book for fish and seafood handling and preparations. I recommend this one from HP Books, "just the facts ma'm". What is life without sausage and cured and variety meats? This is the Sausagemaker's bible, don't live without it! All the reason why's and technique how's.
ISBN 0-688-04312 ISBN 0-89721-152-9 ISBN 0-89586-258-1 ISBN 0-02-566860-9
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