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My own Mongol collection is quite slim at only 7 books. The short book on the left is my most recent addition. Osprey Military publishes the Men At Arms Series and has a very lengthy list of historical armies to choose from - an excellent source for the military or historical enthusiast!

About the cover colour plate:

Mongol light calvaryman, Russia c.1223

"A scene during the long pursuit which followed the battle of the River Khalka, perhaps: a Russian straggler hiding under a river bank has been picked off by a Mongol rider. The Mongol's robe, looted during the campaign against the Khwarizm Empire, is worn over a heavy coat; the wide brimmed hat is lined with fur. The costume is taken from a painting in the Saray Album in Istanbul. On his pony can be seen a coil of rope, an axe, and a leather bottle of milk curds. The Russian's armour is taken from specimens in the Kremlin armouries." - The Mongols; Osprey Military; Men-At-Arms Series; plate A text; pg 36.

About the book:

MAAS books are packed with a lot of information, the primary focus of which is on the armies and noteable battles. The Mongols provides for a short condensed overview of the Rise of The Mongols and then turns its attention to the study of the Mongol armies, weapons, armour, strategy and their fantastic method of operation. The book has 8 colour plates, 32 B&W plates and tons 'o text packed into 40 pages. A MUST for the military reader, modeler, gamer or historical enthusiast.

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