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The cover provides for the only pretty picture you're gonna see until you delve into this exhaustive concordance of Chinese cooking, rack up a recipe and see the dish with your own eyes. Very heavy on the text with tons o' crammed knowledge, techniques and recipes. Zow! A full resource of Chinese cookery; techniques, history, culture and more recipes than you can shake a couple of chopsticks at - Get it, Read it, Cook it! You will be pleased. Beautifully laid out book to boot with several artbook quality colour plates. The Time-Life series cookbooks were sold as a large boxed set per subject; a large book detailing the food history, culture and techniques PLUS a smaller book of recipes. This is the Japanese Cooking volume (I also have a Chinese Cooking volume).
ISBN 0-688-00566-7 ISBN 0-8120-5361-3 Time Life Books Inc. - 1976
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