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The recent STO gathering in Roseville went off without the usual Hollywood flair this time.
These notorious gatherings have previously been noted for losing participants during the course of the evening.

This time, not one "STO Gathering" participant was later found:

a) yodeling in a locked Park Board restroom
b) mumbling and disoriented in a Philadelphia housing project
c) performing striptease Karoke for Yen in a Tokyo back-alley dive


RB's photos of the latest survivors are below.

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Bob and Laurie

(Bob has a neck-kink after pitching fast balls and watching homers leave the park)

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Pat, Carol, Mike, Andi, Doug, and Linda in front

(the STO~Gathering invitation read "Formal, Black Tie". Mike came close.

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Ebbe, Kay, Bud, and me (RB) relaxing

In actuality, RB was being treated for a back-ache and nasty neck-kink from watching homers go over his center field position.

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Bud and the largest Hershey bar I've ever seen!

The sponsor-ship craze has gone far enough, don't you think? Hershey's paid a cool 2mil for this shot...Hey! Who got that check anyway?!

Pop into Khan's Rooftop Bar and Grill here.