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Christmas Kiss Ale

You've got plenty of time to "test-out" this brew before Christmas 2000.
This puppy takes up to 40 days from wort-boil to your first open bottle.

INGREDIENTS (6 gal for 7gal carboy)


1. 3.3lbs  John Bull Light Malt Extract (unhopped)

2. 4oz  Toasted Pale Malt

3. 3oz  Crystal Malt

4. 2 3/4lbs  Light DME

5. 1/2oz  Cascade hop pellets (boiling)

6. 1/2oz  Saaz hop pellets (boiling)

7. 1/2oz  Willamette hop pellets (finishing)

8. 1Tsp  Ascorbic acid

9. 1Tsp  Irish moss

10. 3/4C+ 1Tblsp  Dextrose (for priming)

11. 1pkg American Ale Liquid Wyeast

Use Standard Home Brewing Procedures

Store Temp Acceptable Range: 50-75 F

Primary: 10-17 days in glass (75 F best)

Secondary: 3-8 days in glass (65 F best)

Bottle: 14 days  (50 F best - 40 F if 21+ days)