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The following films in my collection have one or more of the following attributes in common:

1) so bad it's good; 2) so culturally dated it's important; 3) cult film OR 4) so strange it demands viewing!
DarkStar.JPG (10780 bytes) Directed by John Carpenter

60's hippies in far-out space...

...or spaced-out hippies far-out...

Their Mission:

To search out and destroy unstable planets. A very unstable film.

Trinity.jpg (14554 bytes) In the late 60's the Trinity film series was extremely popular. You need only watch the original "They Call Me Trinity" flick to enjoy the western satire.

The better film is   "My Name Is Nobody" with Terence Hill (Trinity) and Henry Fonda.

Comedy - P.C. Film Corp - Jan 15, 1979 - United Entertainment Comedy - Trinity Series - 3 Movie Collector Set - Quality Video, Inc. located in Minneapolis, MN.
nobody.jpg (11971 bytes) Henry Fonda's LAST western film!

Directed by Sergio Leone

This film has all of the Trinity flavor...with the best story line. Henry is forced to go up against the Wild Bunch, "150 men that ride like they were a 1000".

Comedy - 1996 - WHAM! USA  
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