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The two first flicks were made back-to-back in the nuclear 61'-62' Cold War era. They are virtually identical in plot...with totally different flavors - I suggest you rent/buy them both and watch them Fail-Safe first! Both are absolutely superb flicks! Make a clinical observation and enjoy!
failsafe.jpg (11780 bytes) THRILLER

Fail-Safe pulls no punches in the Cold-War Age. It sent a real cold-sweat chill through those who saw it in the '60s.

StrangeL.jpg (11203 bytes) SATIRE

Dr. Strangelove throws all the punches in the Cold War Age. You just can't miss all the lines in this one! Who else could make it funny but the combination of Kubrick, Peter Sellers, George C. Scott and Slim Pickins?

ISBN 0-8001-3383-8 ISBN 0-8001-2240-2
Tora.jpg (9822 bytes) Now THIS is a war film!

Plays like a docudrama with little importance given to Hollywood's prerogative to "rewrite" history with an emphasis on current concerns and the hand-wringing displays of pretty stars and starlets. If only the star-studded "Midway" had followed suit.

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So how did a Stanley Kubrick film lose out to a preachy Oliver Stone flick at the Oscars? Go figure! Stone's "Platoon" was a nominal Hollywood piece of self-propaganda. Kubrick managed to catch the disturbing elements of Vietnam - with reality and no pretty faces paid to preach.

ISBN 0-7939-1017-X ISBN 0-7907-0125-1
longday.jpg (9862 bytes) If Oliver Stone can win an Oscar with the foul "Platoon", then you must see this WW2 flick - a star-studded war cinema that at least has basis in facts...and covers both sides of the war during the D-Day event. Lawrence.jpg (13094 bytes) The dramatic life of T.E. Lawrence couldn't get anymore dramatic than having Peter O'Toole play the part!

Lawrence helped unite the fractured Arab tribes to defeat the ruling Ottoman [Turkish] Empire during WW1.


20th Century Fox - B&W - 1962 ISBN 0-8001-1691-7
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