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Focuses primarily on Mongol archaeological pieces. Packed with many beautiful colour plates - much like a "coffee table" fine art book, except it also has lotsa descriptive text regarding all of the pieces and the cultural when, why, where, who and how, includes a few historical narratives of Mongol battles, conquests and ventures.
My best book of factuals regarding Genghis Khan. Deals primarily with the main man, Genghis Khan; his birth, rise to power, conquests and death. Covers the development of the Mongol military, government and bureaucracy.
Reads like a novel; a very entertaining collection of well documented stories and lore from the birth to the death of Genghis. This reads very nicely by the warm flames of a cozy autumn fireplace.
Provides for a pre-Genghis Khan study in the history, culture and the background environment from which the Mongols of the Asiatic Steppes rose to power. Also covers the rise of the Mongols unto Genghis' death.
ISBN 0-938644-33-5 ISBN   0-631-16785-4 ISBN 0-88029-406-X ISBN 0-88029-534-1


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Should you have a general interest or curiosity of the Mongols, this is the first book to get. A basic and general overview of "the whole show" from the 12th thru 14th century. Very clean and well documented.
ISBN 0-631-17563-6      

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