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Silver Medal Winner

Belgian Ales

1993 Minnesota Brewfest - Sherlock's Home

My "Cooper's Copper Ale"

Ingredients Specifications Hydrometer


3.75 lbs Cooper's Draught Extract

6 Cups Dextrose

1lb DME Light (*unhopped)

1pkg Cooper's Kit Yeast

Brew Date: 08.22.93

Yeast Code: 0459.3 D&E

Total Volume: 6gal

Boiling Water: 1.5gal

Boil Time: 15min

Pitch Temp: 80F

Store Temp: 68>65F

Primary: 14 days in glass

Secondary: none

1st Reading

S.G. 1.020

% 2.2

B 5

Final Reading

S.G. 1.004

% 0.2

B 1

Journal of Record

1) surprised by the initial low gravity; expected at least .040, as first brew was a Cooper's Lager kit that hit .046 without the addition of 1lb of DME [all other ingredients were equal per kit instructions on both] - could the draught kit be that much lower in fermentable extract? 2) color is also a paradox, the light gravity draught is darker than the higher gravity lager; I cannot surmise the additional 1lb of light DME would be solely responsible for the more amber color - perhaps some carmelization occurred? Hardly expected in a short boil! 3) the main differences between the two: a] the lager (L) boiled 30 minutes longer; b] L started and fermented 10F cooler; c] L was racked once two days before bottling - none of these differences address the inconsistencies I have listed previous 4) primed with 1 1/4C dextrose and bottled on 09.05.93 5) popped first bottle on 09.19.93; good carbonation; very clear amber color; stronger flavor than predicted, quite an edge - could be mellowed with lagering 6) entered this brew on 09.25.93 to the Home Brew Fest '93 at Sherlock's Home under the category Belgian Ale (2d). † † † Brew Fest '93 Judging awarded this beer a Silver Medal. One national, one novice and three recognized judges rated this beer excellent and very good: 40,40,41,32,32 (of 50) respectively. Comments included; Bottle Inspection: O.K., Scratched; Bouquet/Aroma: Nice Esters, Tart, Fruity, Floral, No Malt; Appearance: Low Head Retention, Good Color, Very Clear; Flavor: Nice Tart, Very Balanced, Dry Finish, Fruity, Good Malt Flavor, Low Malt, Low Bitter, Finish Too Flat, Under-Carbonated; Body: A Little Light, Good Body, Medium, Appropriate For Style; Drinkability: Very Nice Beer, Well Made, Balanced, Good Job. Notes: I have noticed contamination on 10.15.93 (white fat-like residue at cap) on one bottle. This beer was my first use of B-Brite for sterilization at bottling time. It doesn't seem to dissolve well in cold water yet instructions mention using cold water?