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That first time...

Cooper's Lager Kit

Ingredients Specifications Hydrometer

1. 3.75lbs Cooper's Lager Extract

2. 6 Cups Dextrose

3. 1pkg Cooper's Kit Yeast

Brew Date: 04.04.93

Yeast Code: 24192 D&E

Total Volume: 6gal

Boil Time: 45min

Boiling Water: 2gal

Pitch Temp: 69F

Store Temp: 56F first 2 days after which moved to 62F

Primary: 14 days in glass

Secondary: 2 days in glass

1st Reading

S.G. 1.046

% 5.5

B 11

Final Reading

S.G. 1.016

% 1.5

B 3.5

Journal of Record

1) ahhh, my first brewing experience, why is it so harrowing? I gotta relax! 2) ARRGGH! my first boil over and on my first brew! - sigh, after so many warnings! Well I lost at most a quarter cup 3) I'm worried that the slow start of fermentation might be because of temperature, so I moved the carboy to a room that is 6F warmer after 48 hours - agitation caused "pancake batter top" to fall back into brew 4) still fermenting after 222hrs [9 days]; this is not following the experience of the book or my brewing friends - when do I get to relax? 5) racked beer on 04.18.93; still signs of fermentation [14 days] - I need that homebrew to relax! 6) finally! bottled beer on 04.20.93 [16 days from brewing]; used 1 1/4C dextrose dissolved in 1gal water to bring volume back up to 6gal [1gal lost in racking]; total take is 62-12oz bottles of hope 7) tested for carbonation on 04.29.93 [9 days]; needs more carbonation; flavor is light; good hop tang 8) final note: friends loved this beer; hit stride after 3 weeks in the bottle; excellent clarity, gold and sparkling - highly carbonated; brewing friends are now picking up this kit for their standard "on hand' domestic style; I'll have to make this one that I've learned to relax and have a homebrew!